BBC Reporters Vie for Miss News Tiara

With both Nick Robinson and Robert Peston regularly starting their news reports with self-aggrandising statements such as “I spoke to” or “I learnt” or “They told me”, the battle is on for reporters to be crowned Miss News in the Annual News Beauty Pageant at the BBC.

Every year, one reporter is bestowed the prestigious title in an internal battle to be recognised as the biggest, best, and most beautiful reporter based on how exclusive and unique their information is.

BBC Reporters Compete for Miss News TiaraThis explains why self-promoting Nick & Bob big-up their profiles by consistently referring to themselves and how fucking connected and important they are in their news reports. Instead of merely reporting the news as other journalists do, they make sure to give it all “me me me”, like they’re the only hacks in the world that attend news briefings or receive insider-info, and everyone else might as well just close up their notebooks and go home.

Despite Peston’s diction receiving the criticism that “he sounds like a broken cassette player”, he’s expected to have a better showing than Robinson in the swimsuit round.