Hans Zimmer’s Soundtrack Tombola Finally Fixed

Leading soundtrack composer Hans Zimmer has reportedly been missing a vital piece of his musical kit ever since his Soundtrack Tombola broke.

Hans Zimmer's Soundtrack Tombola Finally FixedApparently the Academy Award winner would cut up manuscripts from a variety of dead, and mostly copyright-free, composers, such as Beethoven, Holst, and Bach, which would then be placed into the spinning musical device.

Members of Zimmer’s staff would then cover their eyes and┬átake turns to pull out a cutting to be added sequentially to the new soundtrack they were working on with a glue stick.

The Tombola broke ahead of starting on the Inception movie which meant Zimmer and his assistants had to actually get down to some hard work and create a beautiful original soundtrack.

Sources suggest that Zimmer sidekick Gavin Greenaway broke the tombola handle whilst vigorously blending snippets of John Barry, Michael Nyman, and Philip Glass.

Having been patched together with duct tape, the important device is now rumoured to be back up-and-running and ready for the next cut’n’paste soundtrack.