Stitch & Moda Reinvent The Wheel

UK trade shows, Stitch Menswear and Moda, have reinvented the wheel by creating new show areas for street and skate brands as if it’s never been done before.

London event Stitch have created a new area called controversially “Switch” (as in, Switch Off, Switch to other Brands, or Switch to a Different Show) and have said, without any hint of shame or irony, that “we have identified the growth and strength of streetwear across the globe and felt that the section of the market deserved a showcase platform in the UK” as if street wear was just invented within the last six months and 40 Degrees, The Park, Hub, Slide, Margin, and London Edge never happened.

Stitch & Moda Reinvent The Fucking WheelAlong with Stitch thinking they’re the first UK show in history to have put together an event for street wear labels, Midlands-based show Moda have concurrently announced a new area for street and skate brands called Flip (as in, Flip the bird, or Flipping Hell). A spokesperson at Moda said “that this sector of the market has been in need of a credible trade show for some time” and, despite the inclusion of the brand Animal, who could argue that nothing says credible more than an oversized windowless hanger on the outskirts of Birmingham’s airport.

Doubters have expressed the view that Stitch, taking place in Islington, is simply trying to replace the empty exhibition space created by menswear brands like Merc, Makia, Weekend Offender, and Baracuta reportedly jumping ship to it’s younger rival Jacket Required, whilst Moda are just desperate to persuade anyone they can to go to Birmingham.